Create a website to make money

It’s a fact that: A solid, well-built website will provide a steady income for years to come, and if your website is built right, then it’s a great way to make money online.
In fact, I honestly believe that it is the best way to generate decent income in the long term.
I have quite a few websites of my own. I have experience building websites and I try to make money from them in the traditional way. (Self-taught, I’m not a web designer). Fortunately, I also found a company called Site 2 Traffic and I wish I had discovered it sooner. 3 of my website have been redesigned using Site 2 Traffic software and the results from these 3 sites have been amazing.
It is totally different from the methods I used before. Since I have tried other methods of creating  make money online a website, I really appreciate what I get my hands on with this. I answer the following questions on my dedicated website:

How do you build a website? Why have your own website? How do you generate website traffic (visitors)? Make money with a website: do you have to sell your own products? Can someone with very little Internet experience create a website? When I tell people that I make money from websites, they are almost always surprised and then ask how? So, here is my answer, but in much more detail for you!

There are 6 particularly good ways to make money from a website and you can use all, one, or several.
You can sell a physical product. You can sell electronic products like e-books, photos, clip art. You can sell other people’s physical or electronic products. You can earn money from Google AdSense ads placed on your site. You can earn money by selling ad space on your site. You can sell a service / craft. Whether it’s a local service, like plumbing, massage, or dentistry, etc. or one that you can send to people for example Tarot readings or picture framing etc.